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What Does Your Image Say About You?
Personalized style is as specific as your own thumb print. Style is the fashion detail that says “It’s me.” Your style is based on your coloring, figure type and clothing choices. It changes as you change.

We all have an image, whether we design it consciously or not. The way you look–what you choose to wear, how you groom and carry yourself—affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you behave, and the way others respond to you. This, in turn, affects your success in your various roles and the achievement of your goals. Believe it or not, you speak volumes before you say a word -- through your wardrobe, personality and style...the total image is yours alone.

The good news is that we have far more control over the impression we make than most of us realize. E. Caldwell and Associates will help you build a wardrobe that will make you feel more confident about the image you project to everyone you meet.

“You can never dress in a neutral way. You are always making a statement of some kind. What kind of statement are you making?”
- Robert Ponte, Image Consultant to the Stars


Our Mission
To empower people to recognize their self-worth, to create and design their image as a powerful form of self-expression so that their lives may be full of confidence, success, and peace.

About Ellen
Ellen does not dress people. She empowers people to better dress themselves by educating them about what looks good on their body shape. She teaches her clients how to illuminate their assets and camouflage their “situations” so they look their best. Ellen’s mantra is, “Don’t wait until you gain or lose those 15 pounds. Be your best now! It’s what you do with what you have that matters most.” She encourages people to accept their bodies and be their best right where they are – TODAY!


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